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Line Civic Instituion's Profile


The Line Civic Institution is a prominent non-profit Institution dedicated to fostering civic engagement and community development. Founded by Mr. Salar in 2012, Line aims to empower individuals to actively participate in shaping their communities through various initiatives and programs. With a strong commitment to democratic values, social justice, and inclusivity, Line Civic Institution strives to create an environment where all members of society have a voice and can contribute to positive change.

Vision and Mision


Line Civic Institution is a democratic and prosperous Afghanistan where every citizen is informed, engaged, and empowered. We strive to provide high-quality civic education, foster civic dialogue, and promote civic participation among the Afghan people. Our vision is to create a culture of active citizenship and social responsibility that contributes to the peace and development of our country.


Line Civic Institution is a non-profit Institution that aims to promote civic education, engagement, and empowerment in Afghanistan. We believe that every citizen has the right and responsibility to participate in the democratic process and contribute to the development of their society.

We provide various programs and services to help citizens learn about their rights and duties, connect with their communities more and leaders, and take action on the issues that matter to them. Our mission is to foster a culture of active citizenship and social responsibility among the Afghan people.

Line Civic Institution Values

Inclusivity and Diversity

Line recognize and celebrate the diversity of communities. Line aims to create inclusive spaces that respect and embrace individuals' different perspectives, experiences, and identities. Line works towards ensuring that marginalized voices are heard and included in decision-making processes.


Line seek to empower individuals and communities. Line provides resources, knowledge, and platforms for active citizenship, enabling people to engage in the affairs that affect their lives, build their capacities, and participate meaningfully in social, economic, and political processes.

Public Interest

Line prioritize the public interest over personal or private gain. They are committed to working for the benefit of society as a whole and pursue initiatives that positively impact communities, improve public well-being, and address collective challenges and needs.

Collaboration and Partnership

Line value collaboration and recognize that addressing complex societal issues often requires collective effort. Line actively seek partnerships with other organizations, governments, and stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise, and perspectives, aiming to foster greater impact and sustainability.

Transparency and Accountability

Line uphold principles of transparency and accountability. Line is committed to open communication, honesty, and integrity in their operations, and they seek to be accountable to their beneficiaries, donors, and the public by ensuring responsible and ethical practices.

Salar's Profile

Sharifullah Karamat Salar is a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to advocating for human rights, fostering social change, and empowering marginalized communities. As the founder of Line Civic Institution, he has played a pivotal role in initiating and leading impactful initiatives that address pressing social issues....